Welcome To My Creative Space

I am Johanna, and I am happy you are here!

I love to create…

Dreamy and visionary Illustrations
∆ Designs: Book cover designs, album cover designs
∆ Hand crafted greeting cards especially made for you & your loved ones

And shoot…

∆ Concerts & Events
∆ Portraits

If you like what you see, and you imagine I could contribute my creativity to your vision & your project, however big or small –

I am excited to hear from you:

+43676 9391384

Besides that…

You might be wondering…

„What is Solas Nova supposed to mean?“

It is a combination of two words in different languages, whose sound and meaning I deeply resonate with: Solas, coming from the Irish language, means „light“, and Nova, coming from Portugiese, means „new“. Yet beyond that, the word Solas reminds me of the English „solace“, which art has been and continues to be for me throughout this life’s journey. My dream is to share some of the healing power that creation gifts me with, to share it and let it radiate out into the world.